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texts from last night challenge: faq!

What is this challenge about?

The Texts From Last Night is a Figure Skating RPF challenge based on the website Texts From Last Night. The idea is to create stories and art using the texts as inspiration. The challenge is geared towards short fics but you can write anything from 1000 to 100, 000 words!

Can I use any texts from the site?

We’ve chosen a few that we think make good prompts for Figure Skating RPF. You can see them here. Of course, if there’s a text on the site that you’re absolutely desperate to write about and we haven’t seen it, feel free to include it.

Can I claim multiple texts?

For simplicity’s sake, for this challenge we don’t encourage combining multiple prompts. You’re more than welcome to write multiple fics though!

Can I claim a text someone else has already claimed?

Yes, though we’d encourage you to look through the other texts again before you do. We’d like as much variety as possible.

Can I write with a friend?

Of course! The more the merrier.

How does it work?

You can sign up and claim a text in this post. Sign ups close on Saturday 17 July and fics should be finished by Wednesday 4 August. Email a copy to and we’ll tell you what to do about posting.

What if I miss the deadline?

You can post your fic to the comm at any time after the challenge has ended.

I have something else to ask.

Leave us a comment, contact one of the mods, or email

Your mods,

jocondite, loreleilynn, and strongplacebo
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